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Cargo for Kids, a non-profit initiative of Cargo Largo, helps by providing backpacks full of the essential supplies and hygiene items for children in need within our community.

Each year, children are required to have certain supplies to start and continue the school year. A high school backpack full of these supplies costs over $100. What happens when the children are unable to obtain these necessary supplies?

Since its inception, Cargo Largo, along with generous community volunteers and donations, has provided over $300,000 worth of supplies to the Independence School district.

Cargo for Kids has served over 1,000 students annually, since 2010. We estimate the need to be 900 for the 2023-2024 school year.

In July, Cargo for Kids hosts a community-wide volunteer event to stuff backpacks with grade-specific supplies. The backpacks are then given to the Independence School District to confidentially distribute to students throughout the year.

Funds raised go directly to support Cargo for Kids initiatives (no administrative or overhead costs).

Anyone can support C4K through the following:

  • Donating time by being a volunteer at the C4K Golf Tournament or during the backpack stuffing event.

  • Donating supplies directly to Cargo for Kids.

  • Monetary donation of any amount. We also receive donations at the Cargo Largo retail store every December. You can donate at any register.


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