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About Cargo for Kids

Homeless children face obstacles and distractions that affect their potential to thrive in school. A lack of a stable home environment impacts a child's academic, emotional, and behavioral development. However, with early intervention, these effects can be minimized or possibly even reversed.


Cargo for Kids is now thirteen years into the journey to assist children in our community who find themselves without a place to call home. It is gratifying to witness the benefit local students are receiving through the efforts of the Independence School District and numerous community partners.  


Since its inception, Cargo Largo, generous community volunteers, and our sponsors have provided over 11,000 students with complete school supplies and personal hygiene items that are age and grade appropriate.

​Last year, Cargo for Kids provided school supplies and essential personal items for approximately 1,000 children. During the 2023-2024 school year, the Independence School District estimates 1,000 children will require assistance. 


Anyone can support Cargo for Kids through a donation of time, supplies, or money. A typical supply-filled high school backpack now costs in excess of $100.00. The need within our community continues and to meet it, we need your help. All funds raised go directly to support Cargo for Kids initiatives (no administrative or overhead costs). Click on GET INVOLVED and then DONATE to support our cause.

"When families experience homelessness or even just difficult times, every aspect of their lives can become disrupted and they frequently lose significant personal resources.  Many times students in these situations will arrive at school with little to no supplies needed to successfully engage in the learning process.  Cargo for Kids ensures students in those situations will have a full range of school supplies and hygiene items to not only have peace of mind while at school, but have the resources needed to be successful."

Merideth Parrish - Independence School District

Director of Neighborhood and Family Services

"Cargo Largo is an unbelievable partner with the Independence School District.  Cargo for Kids helps bring the excitement of the start of school to kids who otherwise may not have the supplies needed to be ready to learn.  Thousands of ISD students have been benefitted from the backpacks provided through Cargo for Kids."

Dr. Dale Herl-Independence School District


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